Happy Monday lovelies,
I hope everyone is safe and staying home. Honestly, I was not sure, it was appropriate to blog during the hardest time of our life when Coronavirus hit the world, and destroyd our everyday routine,  and most importantly, took so many people's life...
But after first few week's of shock _ seeing how this vicious virus affected New York City that is only few miles away from our house, I realized that social distancing was already so hard for people that if we stayed away from social media/blogging, it would put us in absolute social isolation and that is never safe for our health. 

New York City

So, I decided to continue blogging as a way of getting our mind off the shocking news we all read every day, and at least, couple of minutes a day, enjoy reading the topics that we used to enjoy. 
I hope, we will be able to stay positive even during this kind of horrible time and remind ourselves that we will get through this. 

Please, stay home, and stay safe!