Happy Monday lovelies,
I hope everyone is healthy and safe. I know it took me much longer than you probably expected but I'm back and today I want to share with you my thoughts on this "ULTA Tinted Mineral Face Lotion SPF30," as I promised couple of weeks ago.

"ULTA Tinted Mineral Face Lotion SPF30" is a lightweight moisturizing Tinted Mineral Face Lotion SPF30 that gives skin Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB coverage, and also, environmental protection, while the lightly tinted formula gives skin a smooth finish.

Couple of things to know about this "ULTA Tinted Mineral Face Lotion SPF30:"

  • It's lightly tinted
  • Contains Shea Butter and EveningPrimrose to hydrate skin
  • Contains Green Tea and Cucumber to help smooth and hydrate skin
  • It has UVA/UVB protection
  • It's water resistant up to 80 minutes
  • It's free of mineral oil, parabens, and sulfates.
The number one reason you will enjoy wearing this "ULTA Tinted Mineral Face Lotion SPF30" is that it doesn't leave white cast on the skin, like most sunscreens do. Not irritating my sensitive skin is another reason I like this tinted moisturizer.

Now let's talk about the only reason I wouldn't give this product a five star __ it has light tint to it, wich would be perfectly fine but it becomes kind of pink-ish later. You can easily cuver up that pinkish tone with your pressed powder but if you prefer to wear just sunscreen, then it might be the issue for you.  Other than that, I think this is a nice tinted moisturizer with SPF30 in it , especially in this price range.

                                                                    Stay safe and stay fabulous!