In the age of Corona Virus, when you constantly worry about the safety of you and your family while planning your next weekend getaway or when you're just trying to figure out where to spend time in your local area, there are few places where you can still enjoy spending time safely and one of those places has to be a botanical garden, specifically New Jersey Botanical Garden (if you live in the area.)

NJ Botanical Garden in Fall
New Jersey Botanical Garden, Fall 2020

New Jersey Botanical Garden, Fall 2020

Beautiful Botanical Garden in NJ
NJ Botanical Garden

This beautiful property is located in Ringwood State Park in Ringwood, New Jersey. We visited this botanical garden on a sunny Saturday afternoon and even though it was totally spontaneous trip of 50 minute-drive, we enjoyed spending almost three hours there.

NJ Botanical Garden 2020

What can you do in New Jersey Botanical Garden:

  • Stroll around the garden and enjoy the surrounding nature full of flowers and trees of different varieties and the Fall scenery (if you visit in Fall.)
  • Bring your family or friends along and have a picnic here. You can enjoy spending time with them while social distancing.
  • Go for a hike. One of the three parking lots has direct access to trails. That means that you can hike in Ringwood State Park (since this botanical garden is the part of it.)
  • Take photos. Whether you want to have a professional photoshoot or just quick cellphone shots, this is a great place to capture your memories.

New Jersey Botanical Garden in Fall, 2020

New Jersey Botanical Garden, Fall, 2020

The only downside is that it was little tricky to navigate through the property due to lack of clear marking and direction. Because of that, we could not find couple of spots in the property that we wanted to see. We are planning to go back one of the weekends (if weather permits) and this time we will be well prepared how to get to certain parts of the property that we missed the first time. Overall, it was very nice spending time there, my 9 year old had a blast, anyways, haha.

How do you spend your weekends in this taught time? Let me know in the comments section.