Today I want to show you guys what Crayola Experience in Pennsylvania looks like and what to expect if you visit it with your kids.
This 65,000 square feet of colorful attraction is a perfect place for kids age 2- 10. (let's jut not count 12-13 years old camp boys in summer, jumping all over in colorful indoor playground, not letting young kids to go through different fun obstacles.)

Crayola Experience has so many different activities that it can easily keep your kids engaged for up to 5 hours.
One of my 8-years-old daughter's favorite attractions was "Wrap It Up" __ where you can use a coin that came with your ticket to personalize and print an authentic Crayola crayon label and wrap it around to create your own unique Crayola crayon. We chose bright pink and purple.

"Silly Selfies" __ in this interactive room you can create silly selfies on one of the many iPads and project them on the wall to become part of a bigger scene. Finding your "Silly Selfie" among other kids selfies on the wall is the funniest part for kids. You can walk up and touch your selfie to animate it.

My daughter's another favorite was "Melt & Mold." Here, you could load your favorite crayon color into the machine and watch your crayon melting different shape. We chose ring shape.

There was also Color Playground in Crayola Experience for active kids that my daughter loved. After dodging and squeezing through obstacles, kids can relax and sit down at Colossal Caddy that holds thousands of Crayola crayons. Kids and their acompagning parents can color and take their colored papers at home.

Overall, it was worth going to Crayola Experience but I don't think we will visit again because of my daughter's age. It's must be more fun for younger kids. 

Have you been to Crayola Experience ? How you liked it? Let me know in the comments below.