As years pass by, my habits about makeup are changing and I decided to share with you what are the things that I have been doing differently this year.

I buy less makeup
 Yes, I buy less makeup nowdays. Just the fact that, from being VIB ROUGE at Sephora (with my over $1,000 beauty purchase a year) I have become Rouge and I'm on my way down to Beauty Insider, says it all.
 I've been throwing away so many beauty products over the years because I just couldnt use all of them, that I realized, it was time to start buying the things that I would defintely use. Of course, I still make an impulse beauty purchase time to time, but overall, my trips to Sephora has dramatically reduced, LOL. 

I apply less makeup on my face
I used to wear full makeup on a daily bases, that's the habit I brought to USA from my home city, 10 years ago, but this year I started to wear less makeup and couldn't be happier. Of course, I still wear a full makeup if I go to any meeting or other important places but on a daily bases I just apply my sunscreen, concealer under my eyes and lipgloss.

I only buy high end beauty products
I remember, every time I would be in any drug store, I would buy tons of makeup products that  would either irritate my dry, sensitive skin or they would other way disappoint me, so this year I officially stopped buying drugstore makeup because when you are in your thirties, you can't afford too many experiments on your sensitive skin. 

No more full coverage foundation 
Even if I have to wear full makeup for any reason, I don't wear full coverage foundation anymore. I think, full coverage liquid foundations don't work for my dry, sensitive skin anymore, they look cakey and heavy on my face so I only apply light (sometimes medium) coverage foundation.

Thanks for reading, and

Stay Fabulous!