Three weeks ago, after my daughter finished her summer camp, we just packed our suitcases and went to Boston for a few days.

Boston, MA

It was very exciting trip for us not only because we were visiting Boston for the first time but also, because it was our first travel since the Pandemic started. After our 4-hour drive, we finally arrived at our hotel __ Boston Marriott Long Wharf. 

                            Boston Marriott Long Wharf

Boston Marriott Long Wharf Hotel in Boston

Boston Marriott Long Wharf Hotel in Boston, MA

What we liked:
  • The location: Marriott Long Wharf is conveniently located within walking distance from a few historical sites/ tourist attractions, including Boston Tea Party Ship & Museum, Boston Aquarium, Faneuil Hall.
  • Views: The views from the room as well as from a dining area of the hotel were amazing.
  • The stuff: The stuff was very nice.

What we did not like:

Boston Marriott Long Wharf Hotel in Waterfront, Boston
  • No privacy in the bathroom: there was absolutely no privacy while using a bathroom, "thanks to" its sliding door that was not closing completely. 
  • The shower and sink had zero pressure.
  • The breakfast buffet was average for a 4-star hotel.

After checked in, we went out to explore Boston and find a place to have lunch. We walked to Union street and found this charming seafood restaurant called Union Oyster House and decided to have lunch there. 

                           Union Oyster House __ the oldest restaurant in Boston

 The history of this oldest restaurant of Boston is fascinating __they had been serving their customers since 1826. The interior of this place looked nothing like any other restaurant we had ever visited, but the food was not as great as the vibe of the restaurant.
 I ordered my first ever Boston Lobster Roll that was priced as "market price" that apparently was $38. It was a small bun with tiny bit of lobster and some French fries. I was not impressed at all, my husband didn't like his lunch either, so probably there is no need to admit that after we spend over $100 for our tasteless lunch, we will not go to Union Oyster House anytime soon.

Union Oyster House _ the oldest restaurant in Boston

After our first disappointing lunch in Boston, we continue walking in the neighborhoods to see the Old State House, and Boston Massacre site. 

Old State House, Boston

Boston Massacre Site

From there, we went to Boston Common __ another historical place on Freedom Trail. We took a 5-minute swan boat ride in a pond, in the middle of the park. It was a wonderful experience, there were many docks in the water while passing by with our swan-shaped boat and it looked amazing. This was my daughter's favorite part of our vacation.

Boston Common

Boston Common _ public garden

 By the time we went out of Boston Common, it was already dinner time, so we decided to go to The North End __ Italian neighborhood of Boston, we were so happy we did. It was the most charming place we had gone to Boston during our trip. The sun was going down and you could see the sunset reflection on the flowers that were lined up along the outdoor dining tables. And when those outdoor sitting areas were lit up by night light, the whole place looked magical. I'm not gonna lie, at some point I felt like I was in Rome again. 

Little Italy, Boston

The delicious salad in Italian restaurant

 We ended up going to one of the Italian restaurants for dinner. I got my salad with grilled chicken that tasted heavenly, the rest of the ordered food also tasted delicious. 
 After our tasteful dinner and positive mood, we walked back to the hotel, still talking about how beautiful Italian neighborhood of Boston looked. 

Let me finish here and make sure you check out part 2 of our Boston travel journey.

P.S. I'm so happy to be back to blogging after a very long break. There were many reasons I couldn't be active on social media but I'm back and I'm planning to post on the blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Missed you all, and see you again on the blog on Friday.

Thanks for reading.