Happy New Year and new decade, lovelies. I hope you enjoyed your holidays. I know, I have been MIA since November but I'm back and I will be posting on the blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Holiday decorations in New York City

We ended 2019 by going to the Madison Square Garden, in New York City, to see "Twas the Night Before Christmas" __ a festive show about the wonders of sharing and friendship.

Twas the Night Before Christmas, Madison Square Garden, New York

There were different acrobatic acts throughout the show that was impressive enough to make the audience excited about the rest of the show. The decoration of the show was absolutely stunning, that was my personal favorite. Cast members coming to the audience and giving the kids opportunity to take pictures with them was also was a great idea, kids were very excited about that. So, overall, we enjoyed the show even though my husband expected more from Circle du Soleil and from spending Over $600 for tickets, but my 8 years old was absolutely impressed.

Twas the Night Before Christmas, Madison Square Garden, New York

Madison Square Garden, New York

After the show, we decided to have dinner at an Italian restaurant in Little Italy. It was unbelievablely beautiful weather, perfect for our little stroll in the streets of New York, that were lit with Christmas lights and festive decorations.

Apetizers in Italian restaurant, New York City

Dinner at the Italian restaurant, New York 

The restaurant was busy _ you can imagine Friday evening in one of the top-rated restaurants in New York City. But after couple of minutes, they were able to acomodate us.
The ambiance and decor was absolutely amazing, the waiter was very helpful and the food was delicious. At some point, I forgot that I was in New York, seriously, I felt like I was sitting in my favorite italian restaurant in Rome, Italy, just like 3 years ago, when I was enjoying the delicious pasta in the center of Rome.

I don't know why I needed to touch Mickey Mouse, haha

Anyways, it was such a great place, I will definitly go back. That's how we ended 2019, (let's not talk about our midnight desserts like strawberry cheesecakes and delicious Bakhlava haha.)

How was your New Year's Eve?  Let me know in the comments below.