If you are looking for a new moisturizer to add to your daily skincare routine, here are few options you can consider. I have used quite many moistturizers from Estee Lauder over the years and here are the ones that I liked the most:

Estee Lauder "Verite Moisture Relief Creme"

Let me start from the best of the best _ "Verite Moisture Relief Creme". This alcohol-free and fragrance-free moisturizer is for truly sensitive skin. It contains special anti-irritants that help reduce the appearance of redness _ common to sensitive skin. The formula is free of common allergens and created without harsh emulsifiers.

 Estee Lauder "Verite Moisture Relief Creme" is the most soothing, gentle moisturizer I have ever used. It was the only cream that didn't irritate my sensitive skin that was covered with red rash from an allergic reaction to one of my shampoos, back then. Of course, I could name many other moisturizers that could moisture my skin longer than "Verite Moisture Relief Creme" but when my skin was in its worst condition this was the only product that helped my skin to be moisturized without irritating already irritated skin. 
The lightweight formula feels luxurious when you apply on your skin and absorbs quickly while leaving the skin smooth and hydrated. So, if you have very sentitve skin or your skin is extremly irritated for whatever reason, you should feel safe to use this moisturizer.

Estee Lauder "Daywear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme"

If you looking for a moisturizer with SPF support, you can check out Estee Lauder "Daywear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme" . This is a high-performance moisturizer for normal to combination skin. This cream not only moisturizes the skin for up to 24 hours but also reduces the first visible signs of aging, like dulness and fine lines. It has SPF15 to help you stay safe agains sun rays. The only thing you should keep in mind is that it is slightly scented, but nothing that can bother too much.

Estee Lauder "Hydrationist" Maximum Moisture Creme

Another great product from  Estee Lauder __ "Hydrationist" Maximum Moisture Creme. This is a lightweight moisturizer that absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feel amazing. It is slightly scented but to the point that never borthered me when I used use this cream. "Hydrationist" is perfect under makeup as well. The only thing is that it doesn't contain SPF so you will need to apply sunscreen after this moisturizer.

Edited: After I published this post I found out that unfortunately, "Hydrationist" Maximum Moisture Creme has discontinued. 

Thanks for reading lovelies.