Long gone those days when I used to wear matt finish makeup on my face and loved it. In recent years, I started to appreciate glowing skin more, whether I get it from skincare or makeup products. When I saw Tatcha Luminous Dewy Mist ($48) in  this beautiful bottle, that was claiming that my skin would get that luminous glowing look, I knew, I had to have it.

What is Tatcha Luminous Dewy Mist:

This mist is a silky, fine mist moisturizer for a boost of soothing hydration and a luminous complexion. It is formulated with more than 20 percent botanical oils to leave skin dewy. It is also infused with anti-aging complex, Japanese anti-aging super-foods __ Green Tea, Rice And Algae that restores the look of youthful radiance.

                                                  How to use Tatcha Luminous Dewy Mist:

As the label claims, the Dewy Skin Mist's super-fine spayer only takes two to three spritzes for your whole face but in reality, you will end up spraying way more than that. You can use right before applying makeup for flawless application and dewy, glowing look, or you can mist it over makeup you replenish moisture and prevent caking.

I love the idea of applying this mist over makeup to give the finish that glow, but unfortunately, I can't apply it over my makeup because, for some reason, this mist gets clogged or something, it starts leaking and the spray is never even. The product leaves oily blotches that have to be blend out after application otherwise it's noticeable  on the skin. Once I blend it out, the finish is absolutely beautiful.

Overall, it's a great mist for glowing skin, I also like the fact that it doesn't contain harmful ingredients,  but the application process makes me realise that I will not be repurchasing it in future.

Have you used this mist yet? Let me know how it worked for you.

Stay Fabulous!