A lot has happened since I published the last post here on this blog. The major change was our move from New York area to Dallas area. Moving away from the place that you called home for almost 12 years is never easy. The hardest part definitely was saying goodbye to our friends. Also, leaving behind our house that we spent a lot of time, finances, and effort to renovate and make it look like our favorite place, was another sad part but life is about changes.

Dallas, Texas
Dallas, Texas

 Those of you who follow my blogging journey over the years must noticed that I've been absent from my blog and social media (for the most part) last two years. Not to get into details, I would say, sometimes we all need time for self-reflection and prioritizing things that mean the most and I realized, how much it means to me to have this space on the Internet where I can share my thoughts and experiences with you. Now the main question:

What's the plan for my blog and social media: 

Blog: I will be publishing a new blog post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

Instagram: I am back on my Instagram too, where I will be posting a few times a week, so, if you are not following me on Instagram yet, you can do so here _ Nina_Kobi. I will be showing around the new location  and basically, we will be exploring Dallas area together.

Youtube: Surprise! Yes, I'm starting my very first Youtube channel where I will be uploading new videos three times a week It would mean world to me if you could check out and subscribe to my Youtube channel Nina Kobi Official  . I will be posting new videos three times a week.

Thanks for reading. 

" Not all storms come to disrupt your life, 

some come to clear your path"