Welcome to NINAKOBI.COM. If you came from www.ninasstyleblog.com __ welcome again, I'm glad, you are here. If you are totally new, then let me introduce myself: 
My name is Nina. I was born and raised in a capital of an Eastern European country. After I got my master's in Journalism, I started working in print media, later __ in a National TV station as a news reporter.
 Years later, I followed my heart and got married to my husband from New York and I moved to USA to start the family with him, left my journalist's career and Paris Sorbonne University Graduate degree plans behind me.

 Becoming a mother to my now-8-years-old daughter was the greatest thing I have done in my life. While I was enjoying being a full-time mom, I started Nina's Style Blog in 2014, to share my personal style with my readers but ended up writing about another passion __ makeup, because after becoming a mom, I had been struggling with my body image for a long time.
 After 5 years of blogging on www.ninasstyleblog.com, I decided to close that chapter in my blogging life and start from fresh here on www.ninakobi.com where I will be sharing more topics. 
Thanks for stopping by. I hope, you will enjoy reading the content that's coming soon on this site. 

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